• Yoga - Root with Marley

    Build mobility and stability with this foundational practice that places an emphasis on the breath. Finish practice with a guided meditation to calm your nervous system and find stillness.

  • Yoga - Adult Nap with Melissa

    Experience a deep level of relaxation with this easy to follow guided meditation. Allow your body to restore and balance itself.

  • Yoga - Hip Hop Flow with Leigh

    Link this class with our CAMP2GO Spotify with the playlist Hip Hop Flow with Leigh. Block is optional!

  • Yoga - Forearm Stand Flow with Jamie

    Powerful flow class building strength towards forearm stand. Class is for all levels and will prep the body for different levels working up towards variations of this posture.

  • Yoga - Root Flow with Lauren

    Move through a fluid and playful flow that connects your breath with your movement. Lots of opportunities to level up with optional arm balances and standing balancing postures throughout the practice.

  • Yoga - Power Flow + Chill with Melissa

    Move through a fluid 30 min. vinyasa flow then settle into 20 min. restoritive practice where you find stillness in both mind and body. Optional block and bolster will be used for class!

  • Yoga - Soul Flow with Marley

    Lots of movement, breath and a little extra spiritual focus that ties in deeper yogic philosophy to the physical practice.

  • Yoga - Root Back Bending with Jamie

    During this class you will move with precision and focus on strength and alignment. This class consists of many familiar postures linked clearly with the breath. Build your foundation by rooting down to rise up.

  • Yoga - Express with Kiera

    25 min. vinyasa flow focusing on balance and twists while connecting the physical postures to the breath. All you need is your mat, block is optional!

  • Yoga - Around the Mat with Ashley

    Fluid vinyasa flow with an emphasis on twists and balance postures. This class will move you from the front to the back of your mat so make sure you have lots of space! Block is optional.

  • Yoga - Root Flow with Anne

    A powerful vinyasa flow targeting twists, hips and single-legged balancing. In this class, you’ll peak to a more challenging variation of a familiar posture emphasizing foot foundation, deep core activation and yogic gaze (drishti). 

  • Yoga - Express with Fallon

  • Yoga - Express with Leigh

    30 min. express vinyasa flow focusing on opening up through the hips and shoulders

  • Yoga - Chill Flow Express with Elaina

    30 blissful minutes to flow and recover. Perfect class to take on a rest day or to cool down and stretch after an intense workout.

  • Power Flow + Chill with Marley

    First move through a strong and creative vinyasa flow focusing on balancing glute and leg strength with hip opening. Then, end on the sweet side with the last portion of class dedicated to restoration and finding more stillness.

  • Yoga - Ladder Flow Express with Ashley

    Build heat quickly in this strong ladder flow express. In this class, we will focus on balancing, twists & backbends with an opportunity to get a little playful with your inversion practice. 

  • Yoga - Root Flow 2 with Luc

    Vinyasa style flow class that combines physical challenge with creative sequencing. The goal of this class is to create more space physically mentally and emotionally. You can be sure to go upside down in this class! All levels welcome.

  • Yoga - All Core with Jamie

    In this quick all core session we will dive deep into the core muscles needed to take your yoga practice to the next level. The 6 pack is cute, but tapping into our intrinsic core...that’s the real magic.