• Pilates with Dani

    This class is an athletic full-body Pilates flow that includes a full standing series, a side-lying series, and quadruped balance work.

  • Pilates with Monet

    Classic Full-Body Pilates Flow, with active stretching, core and breath work.

  • Pilates Basics with Laura

    Classic Pilates Flow, that takes your body back to basic core movements, and feel lengthened and strenthened

  • Pilates with Dani

    Low-Impact, High-Intensity flow focusing on core, stability and strength. Intense standing series with lots of isolated movements. Get ready to lift, tone and pulse.

  • Pilates with Melody

    Combination of barre, strength training and pilates to work major muscle groups. Get ready to burn out that core!

  • Pilates with Dani

    This mind-body mat class focuses on lengthening and strengthening the full body. Movements emphasize building a strong core and enhance strength, muscular symmetry, alignment, flexibility, balance and coordination

  • Pilates with Monet

    Full body Pilates flow with an upper body and ab focus. All you will need are weights and yourself!

  • Pilates with Erica

    Low Impact fully body workout with the use of a band for extra resistance to help build new strength

  • Pilates with Melody

  • Pilates with Monet

    Pilates flow focusing on the lower body. Build strength in the glutes, quads and core all while using just your bodyweight! Optional to use a band for extra resistance!

  • Pilates with Laura

    Pilates flow with a strong empahsis on core and balance work to help you find stability and strength. Grab a small ball or object around your home and get ready to get playful!

  • Pilates with Monet

    Pilates flow with a full body focus that works on building strength with controlled movements. Mini weights and band are optional but recommended to add the extra resistance!

  • Pilates with Joanna

    A 45 minute Pilates class targeting your core, legs, booty, & more! Get ready to work!

  • Pilates with Amanda

    Get ready for your full body burn Pilates class with Amanda. Grab a set of weights and be ready to work! Small movements but big results!

  • Pilates 101 - Part 1 with Amanda

    Have you ever been in a Pilates class and think where am I suppose to feel this? What is this instructor saying? Why does this hurt my back? If so this class is just for you! In this two part series you will be able to go through each exercise and see how it’s suppose to feel and what you are wor...